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DDNS Registration

Solution If your DVR is already network, accessible remotely, and you have a dynamic external IP address, it will keep changing. Create a hostname to take place of your external IP address. Your hostname will not change and will update to your current IP if/when it changes. If you already have a static external IP address, you can use a hostname if you don't want to remember a string of numbers.

Note: When following these instructions, you must be on the same network/Internet as the DVR. There are two parts: Signing up for hostname and putting the information on your DVR. The username and password that you create at is only for this website, it's not used to sign into the DVR to view your cameras.



To create a new account:
1. click on the Registration button on the left hand side of the page.
2. Fill out the “New User Registration” form located on this page.
3. Enter the User Name.
4. Create a Password for the account (Password must be at least 6 digits long and is case sensitive), confirm the password.
5. Enter your First and Last name.
6. Select a “Security Question” from the drop down list.
7. Answer the security question selected.
8. Copy the numbers listed in the Captcha box.
9. Once the form is filled out click on the Submit button at the bottom.
If there are no errors you will be brought to the “Domain Name Creation” page. Otherwise there will be a red error message at the top of the form explaining the conflict on the registration. If your chosen username is taken, try a different name.
10. Now, create your Domain Name. Fill in the empty box to the right of "" (This will be the address used to access the DVR).
11. Click “Request Domain” on the right hand side.
This will bring you to the “My Domains Page”. If the domain is already taken (Record is already in use), try a different name or put a 1 on the end.
The address for your DVR will be listed on the page under URL section on the page.

If you already have an account:
You can log in and delete or create new hostnames under your existing account. If you forget your password, click the Forgot Password link. Technical support cannot recover your account so you may need to re-register.


In order for the DVR to tell your hostname to update, you need to put your account information in the DVR on the DDNS SETUP menu. Enter the full hostname (***, username, and password in the DDNS Setup menu located on your DVR in the Network menu (Main Menu > Network > DDNS).

USERNAME: The username that you use to log into your account.
PASSWORD: The password that you use to log into your account.

If any of the above is not correct, your hostname will not update to the correct IP.
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